About Me


Hello friend! I am a wife, a mama, and a Jesus loving Enneagram 7 Wing 6.

When you ask me what I do, I have a hard time explaining because it is going to have something to do with emotions, essential oils, the Enneagram and a whole lot of whatever Jesus has laid on my heart to focus on in that moment.

Are you ready to learn about yourself and heal some emotions?

Enneagram Quiz

Curious what your enneagram number is? This quiz will help you determine your top 3 and the core motivators will help from there!

Abide Course

Are you desiring a closer walk with God? Something beyond your bible study and prayer time? A way to connect deeper? This course is for you! Sign up for the fall 2021 class waitlist here!

Membership Group

Are you wanting to learn more about the Enneagram and not sure how? This group is a beautiful way to learn about the Enneagram and how to release emotions in a simple easy way. 

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