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Knowing your Enneagram number and personality type can help you know why you respond to life and people the way you do. You can then create a growth path so you can become the person God created you to be! And it helps you understand those special people in your life better so that you can give them grace during the moments you both need it!

This group also helps you know how to use essential oils for your emotional health and release negative emotions and overcome negative generational traits passed down from generation to generation.

This is a sweet community of growth focused people, some with your same personality type, to learn from and to grow with!

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I am a Jesus loving wife and mama. I love anything that combines fruit and dark chocolate, camping in the woods, a deep one on one conversation with a friend, and good belly aching laugh.

I have learned that as an enneagram 7, I want freedom. I love being an entrepreneur and bringing what God has put on my heart to the world. My deepest prayer is that you will see Jesus in me and that I can share the lessons God has taught me to help you in your journey as well.

My journey to whole health started with physical health during our 5 years of infertility. We introduced Young Living essential oils into our lives during this time and it radically changed everything for us. Not only physical health, but financial abundance also paved the way for us to dream.

Over the years my eyes opened even more through the enneagram that I needed to start recognizing and releasing emotions. And essential oils can help me in that. Whoa. And thus my Facebook group was created so that I could share my knowledge with the world.

Welcome to my world. Sweetness of living life with my fam while doing my best to learn all about how to be the best version of who God made me to be. All the while helping you see those sweet moments as well.

Porsha C.

I cannot say enough about Mica and her group. The value and reassurance of myself and being my true self has allowed me to completely step into my best self and allowed me to stop judging myself for things that I thought were not normal, but ended up being who I truly am. Your group truly allowed me to step into me and allowed me to be the best me without thinking that there was something wrong with me. It also allowed me to understand the ones I love so much more, so I can love them in the best way they need.

Shawna C.

I had heard of the enneagram for years, took the test and thought, "Yep, that's me!" and that is where I stopped until Mica and I were talking about perspectives and she began sharing about the enneagram and the emotion code. She has helped me better understand myself and how I see the world. She makes it easy to take the steps to flip my limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. I love how she shares the oils for specific emotions that I tend to hold onto and bury. If you are confused why you feel what you feel the Oily Enneagram group is a great place to start.

Jenna R.

The Oily Enneagram has been an awesome group! It has helped me understand that I have certain habits that I go into in times of stress. Now that I know my signs, I am able to use certain oils to pull that peace, ease and fun back out!! Sooo grateful for tools and a deeper understanding of why I am the way I am!

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